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Powis Image Wrapper
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Powis Image Wrapper
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100% Unique

Make custom hardcovers quickly and easily, one-at-a-time. Every Image Ready hardcover comes with adhesive already applied (we’ve done the complicated part of book assembly for you). Virtually any paper or cloth will work with a Image Ready hardcover. With very little effort, you can produce custom hardcovers without messy glues, or expensive equipment.

Image Ready hardcover sizes:
  • 11″ x 8.5″ Portrait
  • A4 Portrait


Learn more about designing hardcovers:
Made easy with Powis Image Wrapper

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Four easy steps

How to use the Image Wrapper
Step 1: Trim
Step 2: Adhere

Trim your printed cover press sheet using the Image Ready Guide (also referred to Image Wrapper template) at the desired size.

Remove the release paper from the Image Ready hardcover. Using your printed cover press sheet, smooth onto hardcover (from the left to the right or from right to left).

Step 3: Fold
Step 4: Attach

Fold & press your printed cover sheet onto the inside edges of the hardcover. Use the pinch roller to adhere the edges.

Lastly, attach the Image Ready liner to the two interior panels of the Image Ready Hardcover so you are ready to adhere your book contents.

User Manual Download Powis Image Wrapper—User Manual

Image Ready Hardcover Sizes

A spine B spine C spine
11″ x 8.5″ portrait x x x
A4 portrait x x x

Hardcover Spine Widths

# of Pages # of Sheets # of Photopress Pages Width in Inches Width in mm
A spine 10—120 pages 5—60 sheets 0.25″ 6.4mm
B spine 120—220 pages 60—110 sheets 10—30 0.5″ 12.7mm
C spine 220—360 pages 110—180 sheets 25—50 0.75″ 19.7mm

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