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We develop reliable, beautiful binding solutions.

What we do

Powis Parker Inc is privately owned and employs about 60 people out of Berkeley, California. Our focus is to innovate and introduce book & document binding solutions year-round.

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About Powis Parker Inc.

Powis has dedicated 30+ years to bringing beautiful, intuitive binding solutions to market. The Fastback line radically simplified document binding, perfect binding and book binding without sacrificing quality or speed. We at Powis are committed to delighted customers and exemplary products.

Powis is the brainchild of founder Kevin Parker, a true inventor at heart. He began bookbinding at the age of twelve upon discovering an antique cast-iron bookbinding press in the basement of his parents’ house. While attending high school, Kevin handcrafted and bound portfolios for artists who worked with Crown Point Press. These early experiences taught him a deep appreciation for authentic relationships and quality presentation. He officially launched Powis Parker in 1983, while attending the University of California at Berkeley.


Powis Fastback employs a radically new approach to binding. Each binding strip is specially encoded with intelligence, so there is no longer any need to manually configure binding machines.

Sustainable Practices

We only have one planet Earth. Powis is committed to ensuring that all products are ecologically sound. All our supplies, including papers, adhesive and machine parts are reviewed for their environmental impact & safety.

The founder of Powis

An inventor at heart, Kevin has spent 30+ years experimenting and researching, all with the goal of bringing strong, beautiful binding to the market. His vision drives everyone here to keep innovating year after year, breakthrough after breakthrough.

His interest in bookbinding began at the age of twelve. He discovered an antique cast-iron bookbinding press in his parents’ basement and in high school he produced handcrafted and bound portfolios for artists. He went on to make bookbinding his life’s work.

Today, Powis Parker employs over 100 people and serves the on-demand bookbinding market through a network of 200 dealers and distributors around the world.

Kevin Parker

Founder & President

Meet our fantastic team

Bill Lawrence

US Sales Director

Richard Lo

VP of Asian Sales

Ernst Maurer

VP of European Sales

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