Custom Hardcovers

Custom hardcovers printed for YOU!

Fastback Custom Hardcovers allow you to bind books using full-color digitally printed covers designed by you. This is a perfect application for school yearbooks, self publications, sports memorabilia books, children’s books, and real estate agent marketing.

Need to make custom hardcovers, one-at-a-time? Consider Image Ready covers!

Custom hardcover sizes
  • 11″ x 8.5″ Portrait
  • A4 Portrait

Minimum order: 50 Covers (2 cartons)

Custom Hardcover Sizes

A spine B spine C spine
11″ x 8.5″ portrait x x x
A4 portrait x x x

Hardcover Spine Widths

# of Pages # of Sheets # of Photopress Pages Width in Inches Width in mm
A spine 10—120 pages 5—60 sheets 0.25″ 6.4mm
B spine 120—220 pages 60—110 sheets 10—30 0.5″ 12.7mm
C spine 220—360 pages 110—180 sheets 25—50 0.75″ 19.7mm
D spine 360—470 pages 180—235 sheets 1″ 25.4mm
E spine 470—610 pages 235—305 sheets 1.25″ 31.8mm
F spine 610—730 pages 305—365 sheets 1.5″ 38.1mm

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