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MyShield, Face Shield by Powis Parker
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For Volume Orders, Contact Us Now

Are you interested in buying for your business or organization?
We offer volume discounts and customization.


Optically clear polyester is ideal for face shields. Some companies deliver shields made with inexpensive PVC. The problem with PVC is that it scratches easily and has optical distortions that can cause queasiness. For better visual acuity choose PET Clear Polyester.


First and foremost, you need face shields that are comfortable— otherwise they will be removed within minutes. MyShield is lined with soft material, is super lightweight and can be worn on your head or your neck for maximum comfort.

Effective protection

The World Health Organization says in order to effectively halt the spread of spread of COVID-19, we need to protect our faces from touch. Viruses can live for days on surfaces from desktops to door handles, and once on our hands gets transferred into our bodies through the eyes, nose and mouth. Neither gloves nor face masks prevent this kind of transmission.

Experts suggest face shields enhance protection and are a more effective deterrent. Protect your employees and make your customers feel safe with MyShield.

Easy to clean

The ability to clean and reuse your face shield is important. MyShield is simple to clean; the strap, jawbones and shield easily disconnect and lay flat. Spray and wipe with disinfectant; disinfecting can be done with bleach, thymol and other CDC approved disinfectants. Avoid using anything that might scratch the surface of your shield like a scouring pad or hard bristle brush.

Fits you, your glasses and face mask

MyShields Velcro connected strap adjusts to fit small to x-large heads and necks. The Head Free configuration will not interfere with hair, facial-hair or glasses. No squeezing or pinching, guaranteed.

Options that support your brand

Your brand is the image customers have of your business. We know it is important to be strategic and intentional when you consider any products. Powis/MyShield can offer you a wide selection of beautiful and easy to clean materials that reflect your brand appropriately.

Custom designed and printed MyShields are available for orders of 250 or more! Interested? Contact us now!

For Volume Orders, Contact Us Now

Are you interested in buying for your business or organization? We offer volume discounts and customization.

30 Day Guarantee

If MyShield doesn’t feel comfortable for any reason… if it doesn’t make you feel protected… if it feels wrong on you… then we’ll refund your money, No Questions Asked! All the risk is squarely on our shoulders.

Made in USA

We are using supplies from our normal operations and have reconfigured equipment to make Face Shields. We want to help as many people as possible as long as we can. Also, we at Powis have taken steps to bring our workers back while making sure our building is a safe place to be. To us, worker safety comes first, period.

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