Binding Strip Overview

Super Strip

The Super Strip is a mighty, multi-purpose binding strip capable of strong tape binding in less than 15 seconds. Use the Super Strip to quickly bind bind documents or to make hardcover books.

  • Available in 15 colors
  • Binds 10-700 pages (or up to 350 sheets)
  • Three widths: Narrow, Medium, Wide
  • Available lengths: 8.5″, 11″, 14″, A5 and A4
  • System: Model 20 & Model 15

LX Strip

This unique binding strip is designed specifically for use with the Fastback 9 system. The LX Strips are available in a Comp & Buckram finish (the same finish as Super Strip) and use the same thermal adhesive technology as Fastback’s Super Strip. With LX Strip, you are assured of good, strong binding results every time.


  • Available in 8 colors
  • Binds 10-500 pages (or up to 250 sheets)
  • Available lengths: 8.5″, 11″, A5 and A4
  • System: Model 9

Perfectback Strip

Bind professional softback books—1 or 500 at a time! Our line of Perfectback strips enable you to do short runs of perfect bound books, quickly and easily.


  • Create perfectback books indistinguishable from
    high-quality production perfectback
  • Binds thin to thick books from 10-500 pages
    (or up to 250 sheets)
  • Your first book is a good; zero waste, zero spoilage
  • Choose from 3 varieties of perfectback strip: TA, LF, & PS
  • Available lengths: 11″ and A4
  • System: Model 20 & Model 15

PMS Strip: True Precision Color

Colorful binding strips make your documents stand out, enable advanced organization and create opportunities for creativity. The Pantone Color Matching System enables you to select a true color for your binding strip.


  • System: Model 20, Model 15 or Model 9
  • Minimum order quantity is 10 cartons: Each carton contains 500 narrow, 400 medium or 300 wide strips, packaged in boxes of 100 strips.
  • There is a set-up charge for each PMS color

Image Ready Strip: You Print On-Demand

Fastback Image Ready strip is a thermal binding strip that you print on-demand! Using your Inkjet printer, create custom designed binding strip in-house. Fastback Image Ready maintains the quality you expect from Fastback: strong and reliable binding strip, true lay-flat, premium quality substrate that holds graphics, text & photos beautifully.


  • Sizes: 11″ & A4
  • System: Model 20 or Model 9

Image Pro Strip: Commercially Printed Strip

Image Pro Strip is thermal binding strip that has your custom design printed on it. Get beautiful binding strips with your logo, text, photos, custom graphics and spot colors. The Powis Image Pro Strip represents a new level of binding customization. Promote your brand and enhance your image with Fastback Image Pro Strip.


  • Sizes: 11″ & A4
  • System: Model 20 or Model 9
  • Minimum order: 10 Cartons (3,000 strips)

Beautiful binding, powerful impressions

Create high quality books and documents in seconds with Fastback binding strip. Our strips come in various styles, textures, thicknesses, and colors—so never you and your customers never have to compromise!

Bind Faster

The Fastback 20 binds 3.5x faster than competitive binding systems.

Super Strong

Fastback bound documents can withstand more than 50 pounds of pull.


Fastback Binding Strip delivers true lay-flat documents, presentations and books.

Be colorful: Fastback strip colors make your documents stand out, enable advanced organization and create opportunities for creativity.


Fastback bound documents are
curbside recyclable.

Cannot recycle without removing
spiral, wire or comb.

Fastback Strip | Colors

Super Strip Comp Strip LX Strip LX Comp Strip CP Strip
Black x x x x
Dark Blue x x x
Maroon x x x
Red x x x
White x x x x
Bright Blue x x
Dark Gray x x
Dark Green x x
Dark Brown x
Light Gray x
Purple x
Lapis x
Royal Blue x
Green x
Yellow x
PMS** x x

**The Pantone Matching System (PMS) enables you to select a true color match; 10 carton minimum.

Specialized Adhesives: Each Fastback strip uses several specially formulated adhesives to optimize the strength, durability and page hold, while still allowing the document to open flat.

Fastback Strip | Compatibility Guide

Fastback 20 Fastback 9 Fastback 15 Fastback 11
Super Strip x x x (narrow only)
Composition and CP Strip x x
Perfectback TA x x
Perfectback LF x x
Perfectback PS x x
Image Pro Strip x
Image Pro LX Strip x
Image Ready x
Image Ready LX x
LX Strip x
LX Comp Strip x

Recognition Technology: Fastback multi-binders recognize the type of strip you insert, then auto-configures settings to bind the strong, beautiful books and documents.

Fastback Strip | Widths

Composition +
Super Strip
Perfectback Strip Image Ready Image Pro CP Strip
Narrow width up to 0.5″ thick
~125 sheets
up to 0.5″ thick
~125 sheets
up to 0.5″ thick
~125 sheets
up to 0.3″ thick
~60 sheets
Medium width 0.5″-1.0″ thick
0.5″-1.0″ thick
0.5″-1.0″ thick
0.3″-0.5″ thick
Wide width 1″-1.5″ thick
1″-1.5″ thick
up to 1.5″ thick
1″-1.5″ thick