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Face Shield Press Release

May 12, 2020

May 12, 2020

Bay Area Manufacturer Reconfigures Factory for High-Volume Face Shield Production

Berkeley, California—Powis launched MyShield on May 12, 2020. MyShield is an entirely new face shield designed to make wearing PPE effortless & comfortable. Not all face shields are created equal; the details matter, especially when it comes to an item people wear for hours at a time. MyShield uses an easy-to-adjust Velcro strap that guarantees no squeezing or pinching. You’ll often forget you have MyShield on due to the super lightweight design and soft fabric lining. Some companies offer shields made with inexpensive PVC that scratches easily and has optical distortions that can cause queasiness. With Powis MyShield, you are protected by an optically clear PET polyester shield. You don’t have to sacrifice comfort for safety.

MyShield is available in three different models: Fog-Free, Cushion Top (includes Fog-Free configuration) and the Three-In-One model which includes three configurations (Head Free, Cushion Top and Fog-Free). All models enable the wearer to re-configure to Beverage Mode/Airplane Mode which allows the wearer to eat & drink while continuing to wear the face shield.

MyShield offers a wide selection of beautiful and easy to clean materials, including leathers imported from Spain and designer prints. The shield looks professional or fun, depending on the material you choose—kids especially enjoy the colorful printed patterns. For those interested in custom branding, custom designed and printed MyShields are available for orders of 250 or more. Volume pricing can be found online at Powis.com. Cleaning MyShield is simple; the strap, jawbones + shield easily disconnect and lay flat. The forehead cushion is machine washable, making thorough cleaning and reuse easy.

MyShield Donation Program: 20% of MyShield production is set aside for donation. When Powis launched MyShield, they were sincerely motivated to make a positive impact by getting PPE out into the community. Powis recognized that the more face shields they can deliver to people in need, the more everyone benefits. If you know of an organization that needs face shields, Powis requests you reach out online: myshield-donation.powiscustom.com

During more normal times, Powis is a book and binding machine manufacturer. Powis has spent more than 30 years manufacturing in California, continuing to bring beautiful and intuitive binding solutions to market. As the COVID-19 crisis began to unfold in China and Europe, the Powis team watched with horror and dismay. Feeling there had to be something they could do, they turned to inventing. Using high-end materials and reconfigured equipment, they now mass produce exceptional face shields that bring fun to PPE.

“We want to help as many people as possible.” ~Founder and Inventor, Kevin Parker

To order MyShield online, visit: PowisCustom.com