Hardcover Guide

Hardcover Guide

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Precise, yet simple

The Fastback Hardcover Guide enables you to finish a hardcover book or photobook in seconds. It ensures consistent alignment of the book block with your hardcover.

The Fastback binding innovations make true on-demand publishing available to everyone. Publishers can now offer any book they have ever printed on an as-needed basis. There are no remainder copies to worry about. Schools can let students create their own commercial-grade yearbooks. And, manufacturers can produce photo books without messy gluing, sewing or wire stitching.

How to make a Hardback

Fastback 9
Fastback 20
LX Strip Super Strip
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Hardcover Guide Hardcover Guide
Specifications for Hardcover Guide


Dimensions 20.75” Width x 3.125” Height x 14” Depth (52.7 cmW x 7.9 cmH x 35.6 cmD)

7.5 lbs (3.4 kg)

User Manual Download Powis Hardcover Guide—User Manual

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