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Easyback Hardcovers

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One-Step Hardcovers

Easyback hardcovers enable you to bind a hardback book in one, easy-step—make a hardback book in 20 seconds!

  • Create thin to thick books with one cover-set
    (2-600 pages or up to 300 sheets)
  • Super easy & fast
  • Sleek, trim appearance
  • Attractive and durable
  • Hardcover Guide and endleaves not necessary
  • Works with the Model 20 & Model 9
Cover options
  • Buckram (matches Super Strip & LX Strip)
  • Composition (matches Comp Strip & LX Comp)
  • Suede


*Additional colors/materials available for custom order.

Interested in Designer Hardback Covers? Check out Image Ready and Custom Hardcovers!

Easyback Hardcover Colors & Sizes

  Color 8.5″x11″  A4
Buckram Black x x
Dark Blue x x
Dark Gray x x
White x x
Composition Black x x
White x x
Dark Blue x x
Maroon x x
Suede Black x x
Bright Blue x x
Maroon x x
Gray x x

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