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Easyback Hardcovers

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One-Step Hardcovers

Fastback’s newest Hardcover Solution: Easyback Hardcover. These hardcovers enable you to bind a hardcover in one, easy-step. Durable, beautiful, and fast!

  • Fast, 1-step binding
  • Single supply for any thickness (binding strip forms book-spine)
  • Multi-use: can be used as back only-or front & back
  • No endleaves necessary
Cover options
  • Buckram (matches Super Strip & LX Strip)
  • Composition

Interested in Designer Hardback Covers? Check out Imageback and Custom Hardcovers!

Easyback Hardcover Sizes

  Black Buckram White Buckram Dark Blue Buckram Gray Buckram
11″ x 8.5″ portrait x  x x x
A4 portrait x x x x
Black Comp White Comp Dark Blue Comp  
11″ x 8.5″ portrait x x x
A4 portrait x x x

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